Peter Rampellini

Local Content Adviser


I am the Local Content Adviser - Goldfields Esperance Development Commission and essentially my role focusses on four key areas, those being:

1. Building the capacity of regional businesses to successfully bid for Government contracts;
2. Influence the procurement processes and policies of State Government;
3. Linking regional business to the opportunities; and
4. Monitoring and reporting outcomes.

However I believe I can do more so in addition to the above it is my intent to place a deliberate focus on working in conjunction with local government and the private industry, including construction and mining and resources, to significantly increase contract award to Goldfields-Esperance based businesses.
I am equally responsible for assessing and developing strategy to improve the capacity of the Goldfields-Esperance local businesses, ultimately resulting in a more competitive and skilled commercial community.
I am always happy to discuss ways that I can complement your employees roles in Community Engagement, Local Content, Aboriginal Participation , Economic Development and Procurement.

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