Western Power – Network Opportunity Map

The energy sector is rapidly progressing, new technologies are being developed and used to facilitate the continued uptake of renewable energy as we move towards decarbonisation.  Western Power is keen to work with businesses who have or are developing innovative energy solutions that supports our grid evolution. To tell us about your solutions and ideas, please contact us.

By using emerging technologies, we’re working towards connecting more renewables while making sure we continue to deliver safe, efficient and reliable power to the Western Australian community.  Our Network Opportunity Map (NOM) 2021 outlines opportunities to become involved whether it be solutions for demand management, battery options or something completely new.

To help guide businesses keen to provide a service, we’ve provided an Alternative Options Strategy 2021 and Vendor NOM Registration, which details how we’ll engage with to develop non-traditional solutions. A Model Alternative Options Service Contract template is also available to provide an example of how businesses can provide services to Western Power.

The Network Opportunity Map 2021 is extensive, it sets out the background for our activities and the opportunities small and large businesses in WA can play in the changing energy sector.

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