ProVide Marathon RL no flat system for underground mining equipment.

Director - Provide Australia

The Marathon RL insert offers clients many benefit’s compared to running pneumatic tyres on mining fleets in under ground mines throughout the Goldfields. We have over 300 RL wheels now fitted to many of the Auxiliary equipment that contractors and mine owners operate. This product is manufactured in Australia and the product is revolutionary in its performance and application. The RL is designed with patented honeycomb apertures throughout its construction and utilising unique polymer blends, provides unmatched shock absorption, heat dispersion load stability and operator comfort, whilst making your tyre FLAT PROOF. Every tyre fitted with an RL will allow 100% usage of the tyres life, then the RL is removed by our team and fitted to the next new tyre. NO Flat tyres – No lost production – No stored energy with air less RL. For further information contact:

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