OZ Minerals initiative turns waste into wealth

OZ Minerals has launched a new initiative exploring ways to manage mining waste, with the goal to create increased value and reduce the industry’s overall footprint.  As part of its Think & Act Differently incubator, OZ Minerals has partnered with Amira Global, Unearthed and the International Copper Association Australia to launch the Waste to Value Crowd Challenge.

This challenge will look at processes and practices to minimise the production of waste, while exploring a different line of thinking, unearthing what value may lie within waste that’s already been produced.

The Waste to Value Crowd Challenge is taking a unique approach, looking for ideas that could be unlocked or partially investigated through short experiments.  Companies and individuals from around the world will be invited to propose an approach that reimagines mining and processing to minimise, eliminate and find value in waste.  Those successful will then join the Think & Act Differently incubator and be supported in their next steps to develop a demonstration of their solution.

They will receive funding, mentoring, opportunities for collaboration, capability uplift and exposure to mining operations through the incubator.  Through this challenge, opportunities await for future investments, including other mining companies eager to make their own mark in decarbonisation.

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