Northern Star to focus on employee education in 2022

Northern Star has pledged its commitment to advancing its employees, announcing several development and education initiatives for the 2022 financial year.  As part of its 2021 annual report, the gold exploration company unveiled pathways to achieve improved internal training frameworks, expanding its mental health first aid program as well as additional profiling, coaching, networking and leadership activities.

Northern Star will collaborate with Kalgoorlie Central TAFE to enhance its training frameworks in the 2022 financial year, ensuring the company is aligned with the Australian Qualifications and Training Framework (AQTF).  Cultivating its emerging crop of miners, Northern Star is also committed to developing the capabilities of its senior leaders.

The Dare to Lead program will continue to grow, with leadership development to be facilitated across all its sites through online modules and one-on-one coaching.  As Northern Star continues to uphold its core values, the annual culture surveys will be expanded going forward.

The program will continue to expand and ensures Northern Star’s supervisors and management are equipped through the 12-hour program to provide on-the-ground, early intervention support and referral to their colleagues who are experiencing mental health challenges.


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