Australia’s First Sulphate of Potash Nearer for Salt Lake Potash

Salt Lake Potash is on the cusp of becoming Australia’s first commercial Sulphate of Potash (SOP) producer, with first output at its Lake Way project near Wiluna expected in weeks.  Salt Lake said on 1 July that their processing plant had been handed over to its operations team after being given the tick of approval by GR Engineering.

The company said all sub-systems of the plant had been individually commissioned, while fine tuning of the flotation circuit was ongoing.  Salt Lake boss Tony Swiericzuk said first SOP was “expected over the coming weeks”.  The high-value fertiliser made up of salts harvested from ephemeral lakes in the northern Goldfields is destined to hit shelves across the globe.

With offtake agreements signed with six major international fertiliser distributors, 92 per cent of Salt Lake’s product will be dispersed to more than 60 countries in South-East Asia, India, Japan, Europe, North America and Latin America.  The remaining 8 per cent will supply Australian, New Zealand and spot markets.

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