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Yeti’s Records Management Consulting Services offer:
• Record keeping processes
• Staff record keeping skills
Developing and implementing
• Disposal and retention schedules
• Business classification and thesaurus schemes
• Records Storage, or archiving plans
Integrating records management into business systems and processes
• Assessing records and information requirements of an organisation in line with its strategic business
• Policies, procedures and records management programmes
• Software implementation
• Software functional specifications/requirements
• Training for record keeping staff
• Mentoring
• Appraising, developing and implementing records classification systems and retention and disposal schedules
Document Control
The primary purpose of document control is to ensure that only current documents and not documents that have been superseded are used to perform work and that obsolete versions are removed. Document control also ensures that current documents are approved by the competent and responsible for the specific job persons and are distributed to the places where they are used.
In regulated industries, this function is mandatory. Document control is a part of ISO 9001 requirements and is a critical function to ensure regulatory and legal compliance.
Document control services include:
• implementation and administration of document control systems;
• ensuring documents regulatory and legal compliance;
• change control management;
documents routing and tracking


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