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OSOS Global Services

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OSOS (Onshore Offshore) Global Services are
owned and operated here in Perth, Western
Australia, but our business is far from a state
company. Our team partner with aged care,
hospital, oil, gas, and mining companies all around
the world providing specialist maintenance
services, along with skilled project managers and
experienced teams of tradespeople.

Having built a strong and varied pool of resources
spanning across Australia, we specialise in saving
companies around the world millions of dollars by
helping them stay on track and on budget, with our
core teams of handpicked, motivated tradespeople
who meet the requirements of your specific

Our team of specialised project managers plan and
manage maintenance in a way which minimises
the impact on your operations, and enlist the
right tradespeople to partner with your team until
successful project completion.

We can supply our services for one-off project
assistance, or through an ongoing partner with your team until
successful project completion.

We partner-up with your aged
care facility, hospital, or medical
centre to provide specialist facility
management and high-quality
maintenance services.

With a pool of highly skilled and
versatile resources on-call - across
Australia or around the world
- we optimise your business
performance, helping keep your
operations on track and on budget.
Our skilled project managers and
experienced tradespeople work
alongside your team to ensure
projects are completed to your
schedule. Providing specialist teams
of handpicked, motivated people,
we meet the requirements of even
the most complex contracts.

We measure our success by yours.
We plan and manage complete
maintenance programs, minimising
impact on your operations.

By enlisting the right tradespeople to
partner with your team, we ensure
successful project completion.
You can choose to engage our
services for


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