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Dynamics G-Ex is an international geological supplies company, whose ultimate focus is to keep RC and diamond drilling projects running through our manufacturing and supply capabilities.

Our geological field and exploration products are used by some of the world's top mining professionals, geologists and fieldies. We are headquartered in Australia, but we provide supplies to drilling programs anywhere in the world.

Our strength lies in our ability to collaborate with you on your project and deliver geological hardware solutions of the future. Whether we are building equipment to work with the latest machine learning software, or developing sustainable products such as recycled plastic core trays and compostable sample bags, we aspire to drive geological innovations so we can make your life easier.

As you unearth the next great discovery, our role at Dynamics G-Ex is to make your life easier. We do this by ensuring that you have access to the best geological field supplies so you can excel at what you do best — changing the world, one discovery at a time.

A huge responsibility lies with our mining professionals in making our world operate — literally. From the copper, gold and silver used in our estimated 7 billion mobile phones, to the horde of 1.2 billion cars all over the world whose steel bodies use iron ore, these great people out in the field making these discoveries have helped pave the way so we can enjoy these modern essentials.

As mining equipment manufacturers and suppliers, we are here to make your life easier by providing you the best and easiest to use geological products.

Core Values

- Keep it Simple
- Say it Do it
- Be the Solution
- Keep a Blue Head
- Listen First, Talk Last
- Under Promise, Over Deliver


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