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Dynamics G-Ex

  • Calico bags
  • Core Cutting supplies
  • Core trays
  • Diamond drilling core trays
  • Drilling Supplies
  • Exploration / Sampling Drilling
  • Sample bags
  • Sampling Supplies

Dynamics G-Ex is an international geological supplies company, whose ultimate focus is to keep RC and diamond drilling projects running through our manufacturing and supply capabilities.

Our geological field and exploration products are used by some of the world's top mining professionals, geologists and fieldies. We are headquartered in Australia, but we provide supplies to drilling programs anywhere in the world.

Our strength lies in our ability to collaborate with you on your project and deliver geological hardware solutions of the future. Whether we are building equipment to work with the latest machine learning software, or developing sustainable products such as recycled plastic core trays and compostable sample bags, we aspire to drive geological innovations so we can make your life easier.


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