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Darda Exploration and Drilling Services Pty Ltd

  • Above Ground Drilling
  • Blasting Drilling
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Consultant Engineering
  • Consultant Geology
  • Customised Training
  • Effective Engagement With Aboriginal And/Or Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  • Environment Sustainability Consulting
  • Fencing
  • General Excavations
  • Grading
  • Historical Research
  • Indigenous Mentoring
  • Land Contamination And Environmental Management Plans
  • Mapping
  • Mining
  • Outdoor Signage
  • Project Coordination
  • Project Schedules
  • Rehabilitation
  • Risk Evaluations
  • Risk Management
  • Safety Signs
  • Site levelling
  • Site rehabilitation
  • Site Remediation And Rehabilitation Services
  • Surface Drilling & Blasting
  • Surface Exploration
  • Surface Mining
  • Tip Truck
  • Title Boundary Marking
  • Trenching

Darda Exploration is a diversified company that does soft and hard rock drilling that cater to the clients needs, Darda also provide all field work required pre and post site works including processing of samples and data, Technical Consulting both Geological and Engineering is a basis of our Voids Management component which includes, risk assessments, planning and Mining. Darda also brings a Aboriginal cultural approach to site remediation. Historical Mapping research for Tenements and live mapping as requested by the client. All Exploration activity requirements are taken into consideration after a recon for proposed works has been completed for planning upcoming works and are in place beforehand, we can analyse and recommend the best possible solutions before start dates, making upcoming works more efficient and on schedule.


80 636 680 898

Key Contacts

Melissa Combo - Managing Director
Exploration, Mining and Voids Management Services
0417 155 142
Vicki Giles - Managing Director
Geology, Mining, Environmental and Void Management Services
0458 514 890