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With an annual production capacity of nearly 1.2 million tonnes, BGC Cement provides a range of cement types suitable for general premixed concrete applications, concrete precast products manufacture, cemented aggregate fill, cemented paste fill, controlled low-strength material, shotcrete, road stabilisation and culvert backfill purposes. It is also a major supplier of both quicklime and hydrated lime.

Kalgoorlie – BGC Cement & Lime
In 2020, the Kalgoorlie facility was opened to expand BGC Cement’s mining-related capability, providing distribution of cement and lime to the Goldfields region.

Its central location within the Goldfields ensures regional customers experience faster dispatch and turnaround times, shorter lead times and first-class customer service.

The 20,000sqm depot has a 5000-tonne combined storage capacity for its finished cement and lime products, including bulk cement (general purpose and blended cements), bulker bags and palleted products.

BGC Cement & Lime is a major supplier in the region, with the majority of product dispatched from Kalgoorlie being used at mine sites for paste fill and shotcrete. Through its sister transport division BGC Transport, the Kalgoorlie facility is able to send out maximum bulk payloads using triple and quad combination heavy vehicles.

Since July 2020, BGC Cement has been utilising rail for efficient supply of stock to replenish silo levels. In doing so it has reduced the company’s carbon footprint, improved safety outcomes and enabled faster
turnarounds for mining companies.

BGC Cement & Lime continues to support the community. From initial construction throughout to the day-to-day management, the Kalgoorlie facility has utilised the services of local businesses wherever possible.

Today the site is managed and staffed by local residents, using local trucks and employing local drivers.


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