What Makes A Coffee Great?


Don’t know if you know this or not.

Approximately 30% of the Australian population drink coffee on a daily basis.


Alternatively, approximately 37% of the Australian population are religious.

This means coffee is about 7% away from being as common as religion.

And wars have been started over religion, which means we should start gearing up for WW3 if coffee runs out!

For anyone drinking coffee, those stats shouldn’t surprise you.

Coffee is the preferred way to start the day for nearly ⅓ of the Australian public, and that doesn’t happen by accident.

Australian baristas are known the world over for the depth of knowledge in coffee. It’s become such a part of the australian culture, that the world is now noticing.

When things like this happen, coffee goes from being an art to a science.

It used to be a touchy-feely, woo-woo profession, where you’d tinker over and over again with the blend to get it right. But like most things that become big enough to garner the right attention, systemisation and sciences gets a hold of it.

Take for instance Adam Carr, from Seven Miles Coffee Roasters in Sydney. With a background in sustainable fuels and chemical engineering, he now researches the variety of ways that coffee is influenced at a molecular level.

That is very different to touchy-feely top knots and woo-woo intuitions.

With this, coffee has become the art of understanding the process, and not latte art.

Without further adieu… This is what makes up a great coffee.

Step1: A good blend

Step 2: Get your grind right

Step 3: Extracting your shot

Step 4: Consider your milk

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