To act confident is one thing but to feel it is another.

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Portraying confidence is faking it til you make it ~ but it’ll have you shaking in your boots every time and thinking that someone’s going to figure it out real soon – you DON’T have what it takes.

To act confident is one thing but to feel it is another.

I know because I used to be a pro at it. Confident on the outside, jelly on the inside.

Until I learnt that there is a difference between confidence and self-confidence and how I was able to create more of it without having to get it from anywhere other than from myself.

You create confidence by doing things over and over again.

Like pouring water. Even when you spill it, it doesn’t matter.

You just wipe it up and pour again. Eventually pouring water is like being on auto-pilot.


But self-confidence is what will have you going back time and time again to keep pouring.


Here’s the 3 steps I use to create self-confidence and quieten my inner mean girl (or the Imposter inside me!):

  • Believe in your abilities – “I have everything I need in this moment”. Write a list of ALL the achievements big & small. Our brains like evidence, so let’s give it some. Get yourself a cuppa, a spot of sunshine, some good tunes and write write write a whole list of your AWESOMENESS. We don’t nearly do this enough for ourselves. You might even imagine it’s your best friend reading a list of all the amazing things you do or say for her.


  • Self-talk is underrated – no more talking under your breath and beating yourself up. It serves no purpose and does the opposite of creating self-confidence. Again, if this was your best friend, how would she be talking to you. The way we talk to ourselves seems a little crazy….especially if you do it out loud….but telling yourself “I’ve got this” out loud does wonders for bringing TRUST to the relationship with you. When you build trust with yourself, it’s a game changer. Watch how you start making decisions, start showing up and start getting shit done. Just gonna say it again, GAME CHANGER.


  • Leap – use any of the wonderous phrases out there. “The Universe always has my back”, “I don’t need to know the HOW”, “I trust I’m always provided for”, “Discomfort is the currency to my dreams”, “I am willing”, “I embrace the uncertainty”, “I expect nothing and accept everything”. Affirmations, positive sayings and uplifting statements definitely provide your mind with some motivation but the self-confidence is creating by knowing you don’t have to ask for permission to take action.

Self-confidence is the energy of excellence.

It propels you forward.

Feel it in your bones, in your being.

Then see which one shows up.

Her ?….or HER ?


Lauree ?

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It doesn’t matter where you came from, it matters where you’re going.


CEO & Certified Life & Executive Coach, Maia Coaching Co. - Maia Coaching Co.