How to Prevent Fastener Threads from Galling

f you’re busy on the worksite all day, the last thing you need is problems with installing your fasteners. You may have previously installed a bolt or nut and realised that the thread is damaged or even seized.

This type of damage is often referred to as Galling.

Galling is a common issue when working with fasteners. With some basic knowledge, you can save time and money by using the recommended installation practices.

Firstly, what is thread galling?

Galling typically occurs in the bolt installation process where friction and pressure damages the thread. During the tightening process, the pressure and friction between surfaces causes the fasteners’ protective surfaces to wear down, and in some cases, galling will cause the bolt to seize completely to the nut. If this happens, it is extremely difficult to remove without cutting or splitting the nut.

Stainless steel fasteners are prone to galling, but galling occurs in aluminium, titanium and many other materials.

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