Foot and ankle surgery in Kalgoorlie

Most foot surgeries are there to correct painful bunions and hammer toes, to resect neuromas and perform plantar fascia release for chronic plantar fasciitis and many more. We also sometimes need surgery after a work injury. Orthopaedic surgery of the foot/ankle needs delicacy and precision, because the foot contains 26 small bones.

Kalgoorlie has everything we need for your ankle and foot pathologies and have the best treatments possible, no real necessity to go to Perth to have a surgical opinion. I work collaboratively with Dr. Nicole Leeks, Dr. Dror Maor, orthopedic surgeons and Dr. Peter Manual, podiatric surgeon who all come visit Kalgoorlie in a regular basis.

Kalgoorlie has great imaging centres for ultrasound, x-rays and an MRI! and wonderful teams of physiotherapists and chiropractors to ensure a smooth return to your daily activities. We have great results when we all work together in coordination with your GP!

Foot surgeries are rarely urgent, please take the time to weigh your options and go with the surgeon you feel comfortable with. We are happy to guide you through this process as we understand it can be confusing and overwhelming.