EARTH HOUR AND BEYOND: Changing behaviours for the long-term to halt climate change

Managing Director - Energy Smarts

Last month was Earth Hour. A global movement that unites people all over the world in a communal commitment to the betterment of the planet.

According to WA energy expert Adam Gangemi from Energy Smarts, Earth Hour is the ideal opportunity for the community to be more mindful of their electricity consumption and impacts on the environment.

“While we turn off and reduce our consumption for one hour each year and give our planet a rest, it’s a chance to really reflect on our lifestyles –  what we do and consume in our daily lives that we probably don’t need,” Adam said.

“We can actively minimise our carbon footprints by reducing our energy demands.

“When we use less energy, there is an immediate drop in the need for coal and gas fired power stations which emit significant CO2 emissions as they create electricity for us to use.

“While Earth Hour may be over for another year, it’s still important for WA businesses, schools, community groups and households to continue to take a critical look at the ways they can reduce the impacts of their lives, businesses and homes on the environment and not just for one hour but for the long-term.”

Adam’s top tips for businesses and households this Earth Hour and beyond include:

  • – Turn off all unnecessary appliances/devices/equipment. Equipment on standby is still on. Its either on or off.
  • – Turn down the heat on your thermostat in Winter and try to reduce your reliance on air conditioners in Summer. Set your temperature to 22 degrees all year round
  • – Upgrade your lighting to LEDs – they use 50+ per cent less electricity and last much longer than traditional bulbs or fluorescent lights.
  • – Renegotiate your electricity contract.
  • – Make sure your dishwasher and washing machine are full before switching them on.
  • – Use free heat from the sun to dry clothes rather than your tumble dryer.
  • – Use a timer to turn equipment on or off. That way you will never forget!
Managing Director - Energy Smarts