Asbestos around your Home and Workplace

Demolition Operations Manager - Kalgoorlie Salvage and Demolition


The Goldfields has a long history with asbestos as it was a very versatile product to use in our extreme climate.

Kalgoorlie Salvage & Demolition have seen many instances recently where asbestos has NOT been identified correctly. In these instances clients have proceeded to renovate what was presumed to be a safe area, only to discover areas contained with asbestos. This has resulted in one such client spending tens of thousands of dollars to correctly clean up the contaminated site.

1 in 3 Australian homes and workplaces contain some form of asbestos.


As a general guide if your home or business was built or renovated:

  1. Before or mid 1980’s – It is very Likely to contain asbestos materials
  2. Mid 1980’s – 1990 – It is likely to contain asbestos materials
  3. After 1990 – It is unlikely to contain asbestos materials

The following photos all contain asbestos.

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Kalgoorlie Demolition Can perform the following:

Asbestos Control Monitoring – Asbestos Testing

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Demolition Operations Manager - Kalgoorlie Salvage and Demolition