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Job Opportunity at MineGeoTech: Senior Geotechnical Engineer

We are looking for a Senior Geotechnical Engineer to join our team. The successful applicant will principally be undertaking site support work, acting as the on-site senior geotechnical engineer for various clients.

Key responsibilities will include: 

  • Comply with Ground Control Management Plan (GCMP) and other relevant site manuals (e.g. Seismic Hazard Management Plan (SHMP) and Back Fill Management Plan)
  • Review/update GCMP and supporting manuals/procedures as necessary
  • Regular geotechnical inspections
  • Rock mass logging, mapping, assessment and quantifying response to excavation
  • Ground support scheme assessment, design, performance review
  • If required, design, monitor and maintain operational efficiency of seismic system
  • Interpretation of seismic data to rock mass excavation
  • Provide geotechnical input to the development heading, stope note, and backfill sign-off processes
  • Maintain intact rock property testing database to provide appropriate spatial coverage of mine workings
  • Collate, store and analyse QAQC data of ground support schemes and backfill
  • And more

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Introducing Target Mining Resources

TARGET MINING RESOURCES is a Kalgoorlie-based company specializing in core logging & processing, training of junior geologists and geological assistants, and mine geology support. The client delivers their diamond drill core to our center, where our geologists and technicians log, photograph, cut, sample, and dispatch to the laboratory. The results are delivered directly to the client. Our on-demand geologists provide short- and medium-term solutions to your exploration and mining needs. You plan, we execute!

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