Kalgoorlie nickel refinery project

A proposed Kalgoorlie battery cathode active material refinery hub, developed in partnership by Poseidon Nickel (POS) and Pure Battery Technologies (PBT), has been awarded a $119.6 million Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) grant from the Federal Government.  Nickel explorer Poseidon and Pure Battery Technologies submitted the joint application for the grant in September 2021.

The partnership believes that the support from the Federal Government is a “major step forward” for the proposed pCAM hub which would benefit Poseidon by maximising margins on concentrates supplied to the refinery and potentially be able to treat a broader range of nickel concentrate specifications. This would unlock significant additional value from Poseidon’s large nickel sulphide resource base near Kalgoorlie.

Poseidon and Pure Battery Technologies entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in October 2021, and have worked together to execute a definitive agreement that will detail how the parties can collaborate to fund and develop a regional supply chain from mine to concentrate.  Pure Battery Technologies plans to build a $60m nickel refinery in the Goldfields, on the back of demand from the electric vehicle market; the company’s chairman, Stephen Wilmot, says it will get started on the project very soon.