Want to Pre Qualify for Work with DevelopmentWA

DevelopmentWA  has a number of established pre-qualified Contractor Registers and Panels to assist with planning and development of major land and infrastructure projects across WA.  Registers separate contractors into four categories with contract value determining the category of contractors:  Cat 1: Unlimited Value   Cat 2: <=$7m   Cat 3:<=$2.5m   Cat 4:<=$1.5m. The link to pre-qualified contractor registers and panels is Supplier Expression of Interest page.

Work with Development WA is sporadic but once you are pre-qualified, there is no formal renewal process however financial checks are undertaken regularly and before contract award.  DevelopmentWA requires a minimum of six contractors to be invited to tender for works above $750,000 and where possible will select any local contractors within the appropriate category to tender, other considerations such as contractor availability and the number of active DevelopmentWA jobs they are undertaking concurrently are also factored.